What is Bonigi?


We are a team and value-driven company that focuses on developing solutions and services that create long-term added value for both our clients and for Bonigi.

The word Bonigi comes from the Esperanto language where Bona means good and nice. Bonigi is derived from the verb Bona and can be translated into English as “goodify” or “adding value to something”. “Goodify”, or “adding value” means to us:

To invent or improve an activity, function or action in such a way as to make it joyful, socially interconnecting, empowering and engaging as much as possible for everyone concerned.

This describes very well the ambition with which we conduct our work and the DNA that constitutes the driving force of our team.

“Goodifying” as a business model

Our business concept is to develop and manage cloud based solutions and services for organizations whose goals are to provide benefits and added value for individuals, the society and the world. Simply put, we can say that we are driven by the following simple idea:

Helping those who help others.

The “goodifying” aspect of our business model means for us that the social benefits that our products and services generate are as important as the economic benefits. Thus, our clients' visions and goals become a natural part of our own goal and driving force.

Since Bonigi is a team driven by value, it implies that our surplus does not end up in the pockets of external shareholders but goes to our clients in the form of continuous development of our products and to our team so that we can continue the effort of “goodifying” the world together.


At Bonigi, we strive to increase our own and others' well-being by working with our clients to make the world a better place.

Bonigi works towards great and scalable visions which adds value to the society. The solutions we create and the relationships we manage with our clients help them to reach their full potentials by giving them the opportunity, inspiration and commitment to achieve their visions and goals.

Bonigi is established as a creative and socially empowering environment where our team can grow and develop both as individuals and as professionals. We achieve this by faithfully following our team philosophy.


We view Bonigi as a single body where every part has equal value. We thus believe that every team and every member therein can grow and achieve their goals. Through our continuous investments in the team's well-being, we become a well-functioning whole capable of achieving great goals together. We believe that this results in a great value in the present and over time, both for ourselves and our clients.